Milano design week 2023リポート

4月17日~4月23日 Milano design week2023 リポート

 昨年同様にミラノを拠点にされているTakeda katsuya designさんと協働で開発いたしました
シェルフ、サイドテーブル、ロウテーブルの3アイテムを5vie地区にあるTakeda katsuya designのショールームにて

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17 - 23 Apr Milano design week 2023 report

 As last year, we collaborated with Milan-based Takeda katsuya design to develop
We launched BRACE, an assembled piece of furniture made from local Tochigi cypress.
Three items - a shelf, a side table and a row table - were shown at the Takeda katsuya design showroom in the 5vie district.
The showroom is located in the 5vie district of Takeda katsuya design and offers a variety of angles.
The display stands were made from PANECO®, a recycled textile board that was no longer in use.
We would like to thank everyone who visited the exhibition.

2023.06.21 | 展示会